Massa 3200 anticatabolic Probiotica - Energy Supplement for Athletes 

Description: MASSA 3200 has in its macromolecule and carbohydrates with varied degrees of assimilation by the body formula, giving the jock a gradual unharness of macromolecule and energy (carbohydrates) nutrients. Its formula with whey macromolecule concentrate and isolated, light-weight milk casein and egg is a perfect mix of macromolecule, also as their differing kinds of carbohydrates: maltodextrin, grape sugar and levulose, every with its own characteristics and differential absorption, providing the jock gradual energy. Is additional vitamins, minerals and even atomic number 20 and metallic element chelates. it’s a high energy supplement that has the body with a caloric support, counting on the damage occurring in follow. Objective: M.A.S.S.A 3200 provides up to three,200 calories within the urged daily serving, being a product indicated for weight gain, providing energy and muscle recovery.¬†